June 2017 – Taunting the Devil

Taunting-the-Devil-GenericI have a lot going on in June. I’m relaunching The Bastard Cadre series and working on Taunting the Devil, the fifth book in the series. It’s been several years since the publication of the last book, The Lord of Frake’s Peak, so I’m very excited to get back to these books and pick up the threads. I’m also dedicating myself full-time to writing these stories (and hopefully others) and I plan to put new books out on a regular basis.

Taunting the Devil sees several of the storylines come together. We’ve known for some time that a couple of the big players are manipulating events, but in Taunting the Devil we get up close to the results of those manipulations.

Taunting the Devil will be published in July or August.

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