August 2017 – Hell’s Breath

Discarded Gods, The Bastard Cadre prequel story that I was working on last month, is almost done, and I plan to have it published before the end of this month, at the very least, it will be available to buy as a pre-order over on amazon by then.

For the rest of August, I’m working on Hell’s Breath, book six in The (numbered) Bastard Cadre stories. This book picks up Avril’s story from where it was left at the end of The Dead God’s Shadow. I’m pulling a few different threads from preceding books into this one, so there’s a lot going on, and it’s been a blast to write so far. I’m about to hit the halfway mark so I’m hoping for a September/October release.

Yesterday I received a preliminary sketch of the artwork I’ve commissioned for the cover, and it looks awesome. It features Fralit Mars, a couple of dragons, and a shuttle and judging from the sketch it’s going to be totally epic.

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