September 2017 – Free Books


Work continues on Hell’s Breath book six in The Bastard Cadre. Honestly, Discarded Gods took longer than I expected and then I decided I’d work on a couple of other quick things: finding an email service provider so I can regularly connect with readers, moving the site over to now that they have the ability to install plugins (and make my life easier), publishing the books with other major retailers (not just Amazon). All these things took longer than I expected, but they are almost done.

Anyway, as I’m building the publishing business back up after an absence of a couple of years, I’m eager to connect with readers, so I’m offering anybody who signs up to the reader group copies of Discarded Gods, my latest book which is a prequel to the series, and The Bastard Cadre, book one in the series. Find the books at

August 2017 – Hell’s Breath

Discarded Gods, The Bastard Cadre prequel story that I was working on last month, is almost done, and I plan to have it published before the end of this month, at the very least, it will be available to buy as a pre-order over on amazon by then.

For the rest of August, I’m working on Hell’s Breath, book six in The (numbered) Bastard Cadre stories. This book picks up Avril’s story from where it was left at the end of The Dead God’s Shadow. I’m pulling a few different threads from preceding books into this one, so there’s a lot going on, and it’s been a blast to write so far. I’m about to hit the halfway mark so I’m hoping for a September/October release.

Yesterday I received a preliminary sketch of the artwork I’ve commissioned for the cover, and it looks awesome. It features Fralit Mars, a couple of dragons, and a shuttle and judging from the sketch it’s going to be totally epic.

July 2017 – Discarded Gods

9e571-discardedgodsThis month I’m working on a Bastard Cadre story called Discarded Gods (you might recognize the title if you’ve read the first book in the series and remember the card game Ranora played with Theen’s crew). The story is set a couple of years after the Cleansing and slots into the time between The Lord of Frake’s Peak and the first book in the series.

Ethan Godkin is the main character and it’s been interesting hanging out with him at a very different time in his life. I intend for the story to work as an introduction to the world for new readers and to add depth for return readers.

Taunting the Devil is almost ready to be published. If you’d like to be notified when it comes out, please hit the connect button at the top of the site.

June 2017 – Taunting the Devil

Taunting-the-Devil-GenericI have a lot going on in June. I’m relaunching The Bastard Cadre series and working on Taunting the Devil, the fifth book in the series. It’s been several years since the publication of the last book, The Lord of Frake’s Peak, so I’m very excited to get back to these books and pick up the threads. I’m also dedicating myself full-time to writing these stories (and hopefully others) and I plan to put new books out on a regular basis.

Taunting the Devil sees several of the storylines come together. We’ve known for some time that a couple of the big players are manipulating events, but in Taunting the Devil we get up close to the results of those manipulations.

Taunting the Devil will be published in July or August.

May 2017 – Desert Suns: A Bastard Cadre Story

Desert-Suns-GenericThe Bastard Cadre is being relaunched at the beginning of June. There’s a new opening book in the series. I’ve made a few minor adjustments to books, 2, 3, and 4. This month I’m working on Desert Suns a companion story to the first book. Without giving too much away, there’s a point in the first book when Avril and Ethan go one way and just about everybody else we’ve met in the book goes another way. It didn’t make sense in the book to follow Ethan and Avril, and everybody else, Desert Suns picks up that part of the story.